Affiliate Dashboard

This section covers all the aspects of Affiliaters briefly explain function like Affiliate URL , Statistics, Graphs , Refferals , Visits , Creatives, Settings.

Affiliate URL

  1. Click on Affiliate URL tab
  2. In Affiliate URL page will display some sort information.
  3. Affiliate ID : Show unique id for affiliaters
  4. Your referral URL : Show default referral URL given by Kwik Mandarin e-Learning.
  5. Page URL: Affiliates can takes any link pages in Kwik Mandarin e-Learning to promote.
  6. Generate URL button: Affiliate click this button to generate refferal URL .
  7. Refferal URL: Generated after affiliates click button generate URL .

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After affiliate received generated link. Affiliates can share this link through this famous media social like facebook , twitter, google+, linkedn or any websites affiliates want.If each product sold affiliate will earn comission.


In this statistics tabs will display information earning.

Paid Earning : This information show how much Kwik Mandarin pay affiliates.

Unpaid Earning : How much Kwik Mandarin not yet pay the affiliates due to using other than Paypal account.Our team will takes times to review it.

Paid Refferrals :. List how many refferals paid (usually this apporve instanly if customer have Paypal account)

Unpaid Refferrals :List how many refferals not paid (usually this case customer using other than Paypal account ).

Commission Rate : Comission rate is set by Kwik Mandarin Sdn Bhd admin, it may different time by time.

Visit : The amount visitor visit the page refferrals.

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This section contain graphs refferals for reference affiliate to track their income.

Affiliate can track their earning by using filter results.

List filter results have .

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • This Quarter
  • Last Quarter
  • This Year

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In this section show about refferals amount, description , status and date.

Amount: Price of the product sold

Description: Name of the product


  • Unpaid: Customer using other payment method. Our team will takes time to review it.
  • Paid: Customer using paypal account system will automatically display "Paid" in status

Date: Date of product sold

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Quizes are an integral part of Kwik Mandarin e-Learning. Quiz are independent units which can or can not be connected to any course.

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In this section , affiliate can change a few settings.

Payment Email: This field use to change Affiliate Paypal account email.

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