Generate Affiliate Link and Banner link

Affiliate want to promote our product Kwik Mandarin must generate link/banner which contains Unique Id for Affiliate.

The unique code id is generated to track the purchases happen from link you promote and so we can give commission to affiliate who succeed sold our product Kwik Mandarin.

We also provide 2 method to generate link for :

  • Generate Text Link : Affiliate want to generate through article web, facebook , twitter, instagram and etc.
  • Generate Banner Link: Banner that can put in website or blog which can put at any area of website.

Generate Affiliate Text Link

  1. After Affiliate register , Affiliate can click this Affiliate Dashboard and click at Affiliate-URL tab.
  2. Screenshot Walkthrough

  3. After Affiliate Link is generated. Affiliate can use this link to promote through any website you want.

Banner Link

  1. Affiliate can click at Creative tabs at Affiliate Dashboard
  2. Screenshot Walkthrough

  3. Banner Link is provided by our website.So Affiliate just need to copy the code we display at Creatives tabs.
  4. Note : The banner link may changes time by time.Affiliate just only need to follow the update our team makes.